YouTube to gif

Create GIF from video

With our online tool, you can create a gif file from a YouTube video in three easy steps:

Instructions: Create GIF from YouTube video:

  1. Provide the link to the YouTube video
  2. Select the start time with the slider
  3. The second slider allows you to set the duration of the clip
  4. Optional: choose the speed of the video
  5. Optional: If desired, you can choose a higher or lower quality

Now click on the red button and after a short processing time your download will start on the next page!

Notes on converting videos to GIF files:

With it is possible to create GIFs from videos for free and without watermarks. The maximum length of the video clip in the GIF is 20 seconds and can be set as desired. Of course, your file created from the YouTube video will not contain a watermark in the image. To achieve special effects, you can also set the speed when converting YouTube videos to gif – from slow motion (0.25x) to time lapse at double speed (2x)

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